Welcome to Moscow Exchange Forum 2016

The seventh Exchange Forum will take place on Tuesday 12 April 2016 at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow (Tverskaya St., 3)

The Exchange Forum is Russia's largest annual conference for financial market professionals, regulators, and government officials, bringing together more than 1,000 delegates. The forum defines the direction of Russia's financial market and infrastructure development for the next several years.

The plenary meetings defined how Russia's financial market is affected by current global instability and geopolitical challenges, and what could put the domestic economy back on the path to growth.

Vladimir PutinPresident of the Russian Federation

"We will continue to develop out stock market to bring it in line with all global standards. We have already made progress and Moscow Exchange is now fully prepared to run equity offerings and privatization transactions" (the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013)

Igor ShuvalovFirst Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

"We aim to attract Russian and international companies to operate via Moscow Exchange. The issue of capital raising does not refer to the location of an exchange. Our No. 1 target is Moscow Exchange."

Elvira NabiullinaCentral Bank Governor

"One of the Bank of Russia"s key functions is to ensure financial stability. This is not achievable without the high-quality exchange, clearing and settlement infrastructure actively interacting with the regulator. Events in 2014 evidenced that we had already in place such infrastructure as part of Moscow Exchange and communications in Russia

Alexey KudrinChairman of the Supervisory Board, Moscow Exchange

Moscow Exchange Group's mission is to facilitate economic growth and the rebalancing of the Russian economy by improving access to finance to issuers and creating an effective and transparent financial market infrastructure with diversified, competitive and integrated product offering.

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  • The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow
  • Tverskaya St. 3 Moscow 125009
  • Phone: +7 (495) 225 88 88


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